Saturday, May 14, 2011

Garden update 5-14-11 -- Spending more time tying tomatoes than weeding!

My tomatoes are loaded with fruit and I harvested my first squash this week, I picked it small since we got squash from our CSA this week.  It looks like I will be over run  with squash soon.  One plant has over 30 blooms on it and I have 4!  These pictures were taken yesterday afternoon.  Last night we got a strong thunderstorm that littered the garden with oak twigs and small branches.  Nothing was hurt, though a few vines were hit by branches.  The tomatoes are now averaging 36" tall and the tallest is 3' 8"!  In the front row is lettuce and basil the next row has tomatillos and cherry tomatoes, then it is all full sized tomatoes.

I was asked what the buried jugs were for so here is a little explanation. I don't have and can't afford to buy drip irrigation, but we all know it is the best way to water.   Those jugs are my drip irrigation.  If I fill them after a good rain they will stay full for 5-7 days, but if I fill them while it is dry they will be empty in hours.  The jug has a small hole in the bottom and no lid.  This delivers water 6-8 inches deep, so plants have to send their roots deep to get it.  This way if I forget to water then the plants have deep roots to find their own water.    

Golfball sized tomatoes

Below is the spring vegetable bed.

The screen is covering some japanese red lettuce which does not like the heat we have been having. It is off angle because the I planted a tomato plant under one corner before I added the screen.  These tomatoes were planted 6 weeks later than the other ones in the first picture.

My wax beans are putting on their first fruit of the year, only 45 days after planting!
My green beans are not far behind the wax beans.

My field corn which was wind blown by the last storm before yesterdays got a little bamboo support and straw spread below.  It weathered the wind yesterday just fine and now stands 3' tall.
Abundant squash

My rhubarb came up, but since we live in such a hot climate I was told it would not do well.  So I will put it near the north east corner of the house, where it will get morning sun and shade the rest of the day.

My kitchen door rosemary bush, it's about 2' tall, 4' wide and 30" deep.

Behind the rosemary is mint and wild flowers that were seeded this spring.

My wife's birthday bouquet picked from the yard.

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  1. Jealous of your tomatoes, but your pictures inspired me to go inspect my bean plants, and I have tiny beans, too!