Tuesday, June 7, 2011

My favorite cucumber is a melon!

I have a new favorite cucumber. It is the Metki dark green serpent melon. It is an Armenian mellon that taste like the best cucumber I have ever tasted. It has a thin skin that does not get bitter. They can be picked small for pickling, or let to grow large for slicing. They can grow to be over 3 feet long but are best when picked under 18 inches. The biggest I have let one grow is 2 feet and it was still good, but they have less seeds when picked under 18". The vines are very prolific and take to trellising easily. I like these better than the english cucumbers, their thin skin does not need to be pealed. I direct seeded mine 60 days ago and they have already sold me. I'll be growing them from now on.  We had 100 degree temps last week and it did not phase these melons. A month ago it dropped into the mid 30's and it did not phase this melon.  

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