Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Has Spring Sprung?

Has spring sprung?  Probably not yet, but it is close.  We have not used our heater in a couple of days, but it has remained comfortable in the house.  The false citrus bush/tree in my back yard and perfuming the air with a wonderful sweet citrusy aroma.  If you have never smelled one of these they are wonderful plants.  It is an evergreen that blooms in spring and fall and has one of the most fragrant and sweet smelling blooms that I have ever experienced.

Just today the camellia bush in my front yard has gone into full bloom!  These are usually one of the first plants to bloom in late winter, but still it means new life for the spring.

Now I fully expect blackberry winter to set in sometime in the next few weeks, but that one cold snap should be the last of our cold weather.  For those who don't know blackberry winter is where the weather warms for a few weeks, then the temperatures turn cold for 4-10 days before spring fully takes hold.  In the fall when the opposite happens it is called Indian summer.  My thermometer, which is on the north side of our house in full shade, reads 78* this afternoon.  Whether spring has sprung or not, I am loving this weather.

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