Friday, July 1, 2011

Garden Bounty

Here are some pictures of what I picked today, the pumpkin and one of the acorn squash were from last week.  The tiles are 4"x4" for scale.  The things that look like small tomatillos in the last picture are ground cherries.  The melon in front of the pumpkin is a charentais.  There are golden wax beans, Asparagus beans, green beans, and black eye peas starting at the top left and going counter clockwise.


  1. How do ground cherries taste?

  2. That is a tough one to describe. They are sweet with a hint of plumb and a rich flavor that is hard to describe. It will make a nice pie or jam if I can save enough without eating them fresh. The plants are low growing and self supporting. You plant them like tomatoes. There are varieties that grow from south america to canada. Some are as small as a marble and others can grow as large as a tomatillo. Ground cherries fall off the plant when ripe, hence the name. If they are not ripe you can ripen them on the counter. If you miss some fruit on the ground it will self seed. In some areas of the US they grow as a weed/wild edible.