Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Garden update 4-20-2011 - First Harvest

Well the garden has jumped this last week.  The snow peas are beginning to bloom, the mesclun is 2-4" tall (I'll begin to harvest when everything is at least 3"), some of the lettuce I started in seed trays are 6-8" and could be harvested any time (I'll wait because we have lettuce from our CSA), I could start eating green onions or green garlic any time I need them too.

But the first harvest is Strawberries.  I have picked 1 or 2 earlier, but today I picked about a cup of fresh berries.

Overview of the beds.

Tomato/pepper/squash bed

Lettuce with Japanese red mustard and a small tomatillo plant behind

Mellon bed

New plumb tree

Pumpkin plants

Raised Bed

The climbing beans that I planted between the corn plants have already come up, I only planted them last week.  

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