Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Real Fruit Trees

We went to South Carolina this weekend for my niece's christening.  While there I was given 4 Yellow Plumb, 4 Burgundy Plumb, 3 Peach, 1 Quince, 3 Huckleberry Bushes, several Fig cuttings to root, and several white grape seeds by family and friends.  My intent was to go dig up some wild plumbs, but they had been removed/killed by the county.  So I asked around and a friend had plenty of excess plumb trees, the quince, and the white grape seeds.  The Huckleberries were growing wild behind his house. My brother had given my dad some peach trees that he did not have room to plant, so these were passed to me too.  Now all but the grape seeds are planted in my yard.  The Plumbs reproduce by root, so they may more than double by this time next year.  The grapes I will start in pots and set out after they have grown for a year.  All of these can be propagated from cuttings too, so as I need more or want to share the excess I can pass along the fruit trees too.

I also received cuttings from 3 rose bushes in red pink and white.

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