Monday, March 14, 2011

Cute pets

Since my wife pointed out the cute dog in my last post, I decided to show you all of our cute pets.

Hiro - a year old Rat Terrier from Paws Humane who joined our family in late april last year.

Hiro the peaceful, he can be very energetic, but after play he becomes peaceful.

Or really cute

Rose - Our lovable, klutzy, glutton of a cat who we got as a kitten June of last year, I think, from Paws Humane.

This is her trying to catch a bumble bee to play with and eat. She has batted a few, but luckily she has not caught any.

Rose napping in the shade

Next is Donna, a Beagle Basset mix who we found while walking Hiro last August.  We tried to locate an owner, but after none was found we decided to give her a good home ourselves.  The vet estimated Donna's age as 10-12 years old last year.

Donna Howling at the weekly tornado siren test.  She only howls when emergency vehicle or warning sirens are within hearing range.

Donna in the yard

Donna being cute while napping.

The pet we have had the longest is The Doctor, named from Doctor Who.  Kristina got her as a stray kitten in North Carolina the summer of 2009.  Then she moved to Alaska and then to Georgia.

The Doctor, who we seem to have remarkably few photo's of.

You will see these cute critters lurking in the background of many of my photo's.


  1. No, we do have many photos of her! They're in iPhoto, and there are definitely some in the external hard drive.

  2. I want to see pictures of your cute wife.

  3. I see Hiro is snuggled in the stepping stones quilt. The quilt about journeys. Time traveler Hiro...maybe I'm getting far fetched. Wonderful pictures. We have a few of The Doctor too
    Mom Carol