Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Building Garden beds

I have spent the last several days laying out garden beds and then building them, while trying to stay dry. As you see in the picture below the weather has not been dry.

On the left I have 3 beds that are 4' wide and 24' long separated by 2' walk ways.  On the right is a raised bed, a 9'x16' bed and a 10'x15' bed.

Each bed has 1 cubic yard of horse manure with bedding, and 1 cubic yard of compost.  They are separated by 1 cubic yard of wood chips from the city dump.  I still need to get at least one more load of wood chips for the garden and 2-3 more so I have enough for the landscaping around the back yard too.

The shrub that you see in the picture below is a blueberry bush, there is another one just out of the picture above.  They should get 5'-7' tall.

If you look between the patio and the house, you'll see a bed that I planted with Irises and 5 variety's of potato.  On the opposite side of the patio I planted a Peony and several Ranunculus, Kristina's 2 favorite flowers.

I also added Irises just to the left of the picture below, and buttercups.  

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