Monday, March 21, 2011

Hot Links and Country Flavors - Book Review

Hot Links and Country Flavors by Bruce Aidells and Denis Kelly

Hot Links and Country Flavors - Sausages in American Regional Cooking - I have had this book since fall of 2009, I either bought it at a library book sale or got it from one of their free book bins, but did not read it till this spring.  I wish I had of read it sooner.  It covers sausage making in general and then breaks American sausages down into the region that they come from.  It has 67 recipes for making sausage and enough tips to modify recipes that you could make an infinite number, or so it seems.  Then they give you recipes of how to use those sausages in cooked dishes, including an excellent gumbo recipe.

You do not need to be an expert cook or sausage maker to make most of these recipes.  Some specialized are helpful, but not absolutely required.  If you love sausages, but never considered making it, or always wanted to try making it, but find that most books overcomplicate making it read this book and you will be making excellent sausages within the first 100 pages.  It has recipes for making sausages out of; pork, beef, chicken, turkey, duck, goose, fish, seafood, bear, moose, elk, deer, rabbits, and other wild game.  If you want to be sure of what is in your food, there is no easier way than making it your self.

This book can often be found on Amazon for less than $1 and sometimes for $0.01.  It is worth much more than it's original retail price of $19.95.  

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